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TransformCity® is the most integral toolkit for collaborative and holistic urban transformation.

TransformCity is a highly integral and effective solution for your urban transformation challenges; we provide an actionable  method that is tested and proven in Amsterdam, supported by our international award-winning interactive online platform.

Build coalitions with local citizens, businesses, property owners, (bottom-up) organisations and the municipality and directly exchange information, plans, ideas and resources.  Collaborate on issues like energy, waste, mobility, housing and placemaking. Engage your future users in an early stage. Grow a sustainable and inclusive community of believers and co-owners around your area, securing the liveability, value and resilience on the long term.

Since our pilot launch in 2016 we won international smart city awards and received serious interest from various cities worldwide. The City of Amsterdam now became our launching customer and will implement the platform in two of their largest transformation districts to start with. TransformCity will now further develop and prepare to scale to other cities nationally and internationally. We’ll be back with you soon with a new website and more up-to-date information!

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