TransformCity® is the most integral and actionable urban transformation platform; an online dashboard with a strong local identity.

Everywhere around the world people are moving to the cities – for all kinds of reasons: work, study, fun, adventure. Our cities are hubs for activity, but also subject to change. For our cities to grow sustainably and thrive, be safe, with healthy, prosperous and inclusive communities, we need to plan and organize them wisely.

The future becomes ever harder to predict and before our plans on paper are even finished, reality may already have caught up with us.

After all, cities are no longer planned and sculpted by government and project developers alone, but by us – all of us. And with so many different people living and working in them, why not include all their dreams, their ideas and their ambitions, to create our cities of the future – together?

Because we all have them; dreams and ideas. Only, how do we unlock them and bring them together so they can flourish? And how do we find the information and the support needed for realisation?

This is where we come in.



> Get an up-to-date overview of what is going on in your area via an online map and get detailed (both public and user-generated) information about buildings, streets, stations, facilities and spatial projects by clicking on them

> Be updated on relevant subjects (mobility, environment, policy, etc.) via integrated datasets



> Participate in the collective shaping of an urban vision and understand and appreciate the transformation process via the timeline

> Introduce new ideas and projects (both city planners and stakeholders themselves), make direct comments and test and gain local support

> Form or join in on alliances around building and public space projects



> Combine resources, invest and take shares in selected local enterprises and real estate projects via crowdfunding infrastructure

> Share resources with your neighbours, like cars, parking, (meeting) spaces, bicycles and energy

> Showcase area and building transformations to the outside world

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TransformCity® dashboard is the smart technology spin-off from the community-based urban transformation activities that founder/CEO Saskia Beer has been developing in the pilot area in Amsterdam over the past five years. Under the name ZO!City an integral process was built up, combining online with offline, bottom-up with top-down, serious with fun and social with smart. An unconventional approach was chosen, based on light-hearted storytelling with glamorous metaphors. This put the transformation on the agenda of a growing group of people and companies as an accessible, relevant and fun subject to think about and engage in. As the community and its engagement is growing rapidly, TransformCity® dashboard is now in the heart of the process to further catalyse both the transformation progress and the ownership in the community.

Participate anywhere and anytime.

TransformCity® is web-based and allows local stakeholders around the table 24/7, wherever they are. Working hours are not a limitation anymore and real estate owners who are based abroad can easily engage too.

The first phase dashboard (launched in May 2016) includes a desktop version. Mobile version with app is coming soon!

We go much further than only providing the dashboard. In our pilot location we have extensive experience with integrating online and offline activities into a holistic approach. Urban areas need agents to activate and connect stakeholders, to map their interests and relations and to help translating this information into strong collective storylines. The dashboard allows them to organize and give shape to that collaboration. As the process evolves, the agent withdraws and the area can keep using the dashboard to further develop itself. Next to the dashboard itself, we support areas and local agents to set up this holistic approach via workshops, stakeholder sessions, tutorials and customized on-site support.