Grasping new urban dynamics

You can only tackle urgent challenges and realise your full future goals and ambitions in existing urban areas if you properly work with the complexity here. If not you may spend a lot of time, money and energy in the process: either trying to convince and push something into motion or being overwhelmed by lots of unrelated initiatives. You may feel you need more consultants, process managers and mediators, while the real problem lies deeper in failing to grasp the fundamental dynamics in these areas.

Reaching flow & results

An adequately structured strategy and workflow will:

  • give you new comfort and confidence while your process becomes lighter
  • get immediate tangible results and constant progress, while building collectivity and increasingly serious impact as you go
  • save substantially on process costs and unlock the collective investment power in the whole area
  • bring positive energy, flow and reward to your work

Tested & proven methodology

For the past ten years we have been fully dedicated to developing, testing and optimising this integral strategy for you. We provide you with a solid and replicable model – and the key ingredients to step by step fill it in and make it actionable straightaway. We first developed this in our award-winning field lab in Amsterdam and then further fine-tuned it with other public and private clients internationally. Next to our consultancy services, we are currently working on documenting all our knowledge and experience into a comprehensive package for online learning on this website.



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