The collaborative urban development workflow for local governments

Transformcity offers an integral approach for collaborative urban development. Efficiently coordinate complex multi-stakeholder dialogue, decision-making and collaboration while growing a sustainable and inclusive local community. We are active in Amsterdam and are preparing implementation in several other cities at the moment.

Transitioning cities

Cities are shifting from top-down development of new areas towards transformation and densification of existing ones. As a local government you have limited property in these areas and in order to reach your local development goals on issues like real estate, public space, energy and mobility, you need on-going and active collaboration with the different local stakeholders. Besides you need the local community to self-organise in order to be resilient to future change and crises.

A new workflow

A new way of working is essential for you and your team to effectively manage these increasingly complex processes while maximizing the societal impact of your work. Over the past eight years we’ve tested and proven our collaborative urban development method in Amstel3, one of Amsterdam’s largest and most complex transformation districts. Our method is based on three pillars: the internal organisation, the local community and the interface connecting both. In order to more efficiently organise this process and catalyse and safeguard results, we developed our award-winning and fully interactive online platform brings together all stakeholders and the local government to directly share and discuss data, plans, ideas and resources and collaborate on local projects.

What can we do for you?

Inspirational sessions & workshops

Activate your team to change their way of working through inspirational examples and stories and explore the possibilities for your own city or area

Area scan

Get a clear overview of the status of your area development and get custom advice on where the gaps, threats or opportunities are

Kick-start process & community

In a short yet intensive process we activate your key organisation members and local stakeholders for a structural dialogue and collaboration on the development of the area

Online interactive platform

Get your own local installation of the platform and fill it with your own data, visions and content. We provide hosting, technical maintenance and updates

Training & support

Empower your team to work with the local community and with the platform. We can help you to get going and/or we can train your team to do it themselves

Full service package

Leave it to us as independent catalysts to set up the whole process and build your local community, generate content and moderate the platform. We will make a custom plan together with you

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Awards & publications

TransformCity toolkit was developed based on eight years of on-the-ground pioneering in Amsterdam. Our unconventional collaborative approach received worldwide recognition and awards. We are active in the international discourse on urban development and smart city and give regular keynote talks on these topics. We closely collaborate with our academic partners TU Eindhoven en Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences to further develop new knowledge and insights.