Award-winning new methodology

Transformcity developed a new and unique methodology which is highly integral and adaptive over time and actively engages all different big and small stakeholders as structural collaboration partners. Our methodology is very lean. It takes the complex and unpredictable urban situation as a starting point and builds on that, incrementally transforming the area while building the collective sense of ownership and investment power needed to keep the area attractive, liveable and sustainable also in the future. This new way of working is what we call collaborative urban development.

Tested and proven in Amsterdam

Our methodology is rooted in ten years of on-the-ground pioneering in Amstel III, one of Amsterdam’s largest and most complex transformation areas. Due to the 2008 financial crisis, the municipality had to withdraw her top-down redevelopment plans for the area and struggled to mobilise the many different owners and stakeholders. We turned Amstel III into a living lab for our alternative and collaborative strategy. Over the years the project evolved in scale and impact and now shows its rich and tangible legacy.

Combining theory and practice

We have a background in spatial design and we strongly believe in the power of combining academic and strategic research, creative solution design and on-the-ground action. We are actively involved in academic research and in the international discourse on urban development and innovation. We lecture, publish and attend urban award juries and panels regularly.



Large-scale transformation or redevelopment of (urban) areas with many different existing owners is a question of collaboration. Our world is changing very …

Approaching urban planning and development integrally is nothing new. Already for a while, our cities have become increasingly complex organisms facing many …

Although in collaborative urban development and transformation there is much focus on process and engagement, there is still a very important role …



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