A new and integral method for collaborative urban transformation

Fast-track your projects with new theoretical frameworks, strategic models and lots of practical tips and examples.
Tested and proven during twelve years of award-winning design research and on-the-ground pioneering.

Urban development around the world is shifting from greenfield to transforming and densifying existing areas. How do you realise your goals and tackle all the different local challenges and transitions when you are dealing with fragmented ownership and many different big and small stakeholders? This complexity and unpredictability demand a fundamentally different approach, whether you are a public, private or civic urban leader.

You need to design not only the future of the area, but the whole transformation process towards it. In five on-demand modules we help you to set up your own local strategy and walk you through the key ingredients and tools to step by step fill it in – setting you up for maximum impact ánd immediate action. We also offer (semi)guided trajectories and full-service, custom support.



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