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Our methodology is rooted in ten years of on-the-ground pioneering in Amstel III, one of Amsterdam’s largest and most complex transformation areas. Over the years the project evolved in scale and impact and now shows its rich and tangible legacy in the area. Besides, it received national and international recognition and awards as a best practice in urban process innovation and stakeholder engagement.

Over the years we worked with more and more different clients, both public and private, and kept sharpening and enriching our methodology. It became clear to us that the question how to successfully set up urban transformation or change in areas with a lot of different owners and other stakeholders, is something that many cities around the world are struggling with.

Therefore we now, after almost twelve years, embrace the opportunity to look back at our journey – and really understand its legacy and its relevance today. We synthesised all our learnings, knowledge and experience in our online masterclass, sharing lots of practical and inspirational examples from Amstel III.

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