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Training & Workshops

Whether you are at the start of a new project and would like us to help you set up your strategy or you are already up and running but wish to improve or sharpen your strategy on specific aspects, we can set up a workshop that matches your needs. We often work with one-day pressure-cooker style workshops with your team. We can also be a regular sparring partner to help navigate your project and keep you inspired along the way.

Strategic Consultancy

We help you to create or optimise your own urban strategy and effectively translate it into actionable workflows for your organisation. We take your project or business goals as a starting point and build from there, utilising the basic principles and ingredients of our own methodology to optimise your results.

Custom Projects

We provide you with customised support in complex transformation challenges. We can instruct and support your team behind the scenes or take up a more visible (moderating) role in the area. Of course, this is all tailor-made. During our free intake we will discuss your specific needs so that we can make a fitting proposal.

Keynotes & Webinars

We offer a wide range of keynote presentations and webinars, varying from meta-level context and trend lectures for your event to in-depth thematic presentations for your team.

Get a free intake

On this website we help you further immediately. Our free articles and videos give you both theoretical background and insights and share very hands-on best practices. With our online course you can build or improve your own urban project. You can also book us for keynotes, presentations or workshops. For more specific requests or extra complex projects, we offer you custom consultancy and support. Please feel free to reach out for a free and non-committal intake.

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