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Keynotes & Webinars

We offer a wide range of keynote presentations and webinars, varying from meta-level context and trend lectures for your event to in-depth thematic presentations for your team.

Training & Workshops

During our one-day pressure cooker workshop we provide your board or project team with a critical yet inspirational sounding board. Together we identify where your strategy can be improved and we sketch out a variety of concrete interventions that help you to achieve maximum results and impact. We also offer a lighter and recurring version, where we regularly meet with you or your team as your dedicated sparring partner.

Strategic Consultancy

We help you to build or optimise your own locally specific transformation strategy and effectively translate it into actionable workflows for your organisation. We will dive into the basic principles and ingredients of our methodological framework and identify how you can best utilise them, whether it is on the scale of a specific project or on the scale of your organisation or business.

Custom Projects

We provide you with customised support in complex transformation challenges. We can instruct and support your team behind the scenes or take up a more visible (moderating) role in the area. Of course, this is all tailor-made. During our free intake we will discuss your specific needs so that we can make a fitting proposal.

Learning from Amsterdam – Best Practice

Our methodology is rooted in ten years of on-the-ground pioneering in Amstel III, one of Amsterdam’s largest and most complex transformation areas. Over the years the project evolved in scale and impact and now shows its rich and tangible legacy in the area. Besides, it received national and international recognition and awards as a best practice in urban process innovation and stakeholder engagement. We wrote down the full Amstel III story, of course richly illustrated with real examples. We take you through every step and break down the ideas behind it and the key success factors.

Methodology Packs

We are currently documenting our full methodology and toolkit and will make it available here online. We comprehensively break down the basic principles and ingredients of our framework and step by step explain how to build your own locally specific strategy – and effectively translate it into actionable workflows for your organisation. We dive into the essential software, hardware and orgware components. We map all the tools we used and analyse their key success factors. We give a lot of hands-on tips and tricks illustrated by inspirational examples from our practice. Our packs are designed so that other projects can get maximum benefit from it – whether you use it to set up a new project from scratch or use it as a double-check and cherry-pick some ingredients to finetune and boost the impact of your own project. In the upcoming months we will launch the different packages. Please register for our newsletter, so you will be notified as soon as they are available!

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